This site is in need of serious work, which I will get to when I have found some non-existant time. has consisted solely of the blog for a little while, which has also had a slight change of face, and the chat room, which is a password protected place for personal meetings and chats with friends.

I hate those "this site is best viewed in (insert browser)" bits of advice. A well designed page shouldn't need that. However, Internet Explorer, being a Microsoft product, just doesn't view as all other browsers view. That said, this site is best viewed in Firefox! Try Firefox - Free to download and very easy to set up. It even imports your IE favourites. Designing for the web means you have to be able to rely on browsers to show your pages properly. Other browsers are compliant, but IE refuses to toe the line. Please use Firefox! You see the nifty transparency of the menu box to the left.